Poetry from a variety of sites, including the New Yorker, Poetry Foundation, poets.org, terrain.org, Kenyon Review, Poetry Northwest, Sewanee Review, and elsewhere. Here are also voice recordings and a collection of essay tributes from former students Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, Major Jackson, Michelle Peñaloza, and Jeffrey Schultz presented at AWP in 2019.

“Litter for the Taking”
“My dream life started in L.A.’s concrete world.”
Homage to a Picture Bride
Scarlet Paintbrush
A poem by Garrett Hongo.
Extended Play: An EP for Garrett Hongo
Garrett Hongo: “After Workshop, Late Fall” - Cultural Daily
Garrett Hongo: “From the car’s AM, “I Can’t Help Myself” / Cut through the light smog, chased all our worries. / The waitress brought Mike a latté--half-caff.”
Garrett Hongo to Receive 2022 Aiken Taylor Award
America’s oldest continuously published literary magazine.

Two Poems by Garrett Hongo - Terrain.org
Annalena Staring into the Sun, Koaiʻa Tree Sanctuary, Hawaiʻi We’d started amidst woodside clumps of cactus, bearded with soft, yellow spines, wind whipping at our backs as we climbed through grass and scrub…
In Marble and Light
Two Poems by Garrett Hongo - Terrain.org
66 Turquoise and aquamarine slowly pitching against the limestone cliffs, and I’m hearing teenage boys whoop and scream as they leap from the jetty to the cool waters under the lighthouse tower of Port-de-Cassis. I’m in France, alone with my desire to praise song and the soft,…
where there’s depth enough to swirl, pivoting, buoyed in a silva-tint of waters
Garrett Hongo
Japanese American poet, Garrett Hongo was born in Volcano, Hawai’i, in 1951.
Garrett Hongo | Poetry Foundation
Poet, memoirist, and editor Garrett Hongo was born in Volcano, Hawai’i, in 1951 to Japanese American parents. He grew up in Hawai’i and Los Angeles, and earned his BA from Pomona College and his MFA from the University of California-Irvine, where he studied with the poets C.K. Williams, Howard…
Garrett Hongo: A Tribute
Five essays on Hongo’s writing and teaching, an interview with Mark Jarman, and a new poem from Hongo.
The Legend | Poetry Out Loud
In Chicago, it is snowing softlyand a man has just done his wash for the week. He steps into the twilight of early evening, carrying a wrinkled shopping bag full of neatly folded clothes,and, for a moment, enjoysthe feel of warm laundry and...