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Garrett Hongo

Poet, memoirist, and audio writer

Higa on Hongo: Book Review

Higa on Hongo: The Perfect Sound | The Hawaiʻi Review of BooksThe Perfect Sound charts how an obsessive pursuit of the perfect sound system echoes Garrett Hongo’s melancholy over his Hawai‘i diaspora life.The Hawaiʻi Review of BooksJeffrey J. Higa

Positive Feedback Online Review by Jeff Day!

The Perfect Sound: A Memoir in Stereo - Positive FeedbackBook Alert: The Perfect Sound: A Memoir in Stereo by Garrett HongoPositive FeedbackJeff Day

Recent Poetry on Poetry Foundation

Five poems by Garrett Hongo

Garrett Hongo's Quest for Artistic Perfection

Garrett Hongo’s writing is rooted in beauty and emotion. The creative writing professor is a master of translating feelings from his past into vibrant literature. In Kahuku, a Hawaiian town on the north shore of Oʻahu where he spent his early childhood, Hongo was surrounded by beauty on all sides: breathtaking vistas, lush forests and rain-drenched volcanic peaks blanketed

"Slow-Dancing with 45s" from GEORGIA REVIEW

At the age of fourteen, during my last year in junior high school in Gardena, I began to realize that if I were ever to get a date I ’d have to revolutionize my musical point of reference. The faux folk music and light pop I ’d once cherished had to be exchanged for something completely different. I was among

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