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Garrett Hongo

Poet, memoirist, and audio writer

I Hear America Singing

Japanese American poet Garrett Hongo is a guiding spirit to a glorious cacophony, an exuberant collective thrum made of different tongues and peoples. His poetry embodies the country’s impurity, its multiplicity of tongues and peoples—what makes him a guiding spirit to the America that is surely coming. I Hear America Singing - JSTOR DailyJapanese American poet Garrett Hongo

Litter for the Taking

“Litter for the Taking”“My dream life started in L.A.’s concrete world.”The New YorkerCondé Nast

Poets Robin Coste Lewis and Garrett Hongo

For Poets Robin Coste Lewis and Garrett Hongo, Language Is a Musical InstrumentTo close out National Poetry Month, Robin Coste Lewis and Garrett Hongo mused about their new books and the places and sounds that inspired them.Sophie Collongette

The Sewanee Review Podcast

This week on the Sewanee Review Podcast, managing editor and poetry editor Eric Smith catches up with Garrett Hongo, who received the Aiken Taylor Award in Modern American Poetry in 2022. In this episode, Hongo breathes further life into a handful of his poems: “A Garland of Light” details his relationship with Robert Hayden, and “Bugle Boys” reckons with the

Mike on Audio: A HiFi Journey with Garrett Hongo

Podcaster Mike Perez interviews Garrett Hongo on his book The Perfect Sound A HiFi Audio Journey with Garrett Hongo - Mike On Audio (podcast)01:08:00 - Discover the world of HiFi audio with Garrett Hongo, a renowned expert, and author in the field, as we delve into the secrets and essentials of high…Mike PerezMike Perez

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